The Bollart® - edition Dr. Hugo Heyrman

Dr. Hugo Heyrman is a Belgian artist, film maker, internet pioneer and a Ph.D -Doctor in Art Sciences. In the sixties he made an impact as an avant-garde artist involved in various happenings (e.g. with Panamarenko), actions and conceptual art. From 1973 onwards he focused on painting and was Laureate of the Prijs Jonge Belgische Schilderkunst (Young Belgian Painters Award) in 1974. Heyrman made an instant impression with his Street Life Cycle series. From a similar point of view he painted a street view in Antwerp, seen at different times and in all types of weather conditions. His recent works from City Life & Body Language are reflections of modern vulnerability. The oeuvre of Dr. Hugo Heyrman makes a statement about the poetics of painting, about observational thinking and about questioning the truth of images. The author Joannes Késenne has recently published Dr. Hugo Heyrman / Monografie, about Dr. Heyrman’s unique contribution to art (Snoeck Publishers). In addition to his paint work, Dr. Hugo Heyrman enjoys global fame within the alternative web world of young artists in the field of digital design.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman on his version of the Antwerp Bollart:
The Memory of the Bollart
Concept and visualisation from the perception of a painter.It is all about underlining:
- the immense power exuded by a bollard; by its colour, shape and in the meaning of its use.
- the patina of time, translated into a solution of art.
- a scenic magnification of material molecular interactions.
- optically (from a distance); the pronounced grain is functioning as a high-tech pointillist painting.
- it is the history of the matter, narrated by the matter itself, hyperrealistic.