Art Bollart® by Piet Stockmans

Piet Stockmans (B, 1940), Cultural Ambassador of Flanders, is incontestably the most polyvalent European ceramic designer of his generation with regard to his industrial applications as well as to his art editions. Stockmans’ oeuvre can be found worldwide within the permanent collections of famous museums of design, and his list of international awards is extended nearly daily (Ion Award, Good industrial design, Maastricht (Holland), 1987 – Official Prize from the Flemish Community in 1988 for Visual Arts – Award Art and smell, perfume packaging, 1993 – Auszeichnung RED DOT für Höchste Designqualität, Nordrhein Westfalen (D), 1996 – Henri van de Velde price for a career, Vizo, 1998 – First Prize category Design for tableware LA MER, European Ceramic Context, Bornholm (DK), 2006…).

As a seasoned ceramist designer, Piet possesses the master skill of adding feelings and rhythm to a matter which is cold and static by nature. The meanwhile produced specific Stockmans-blue is symbolic for giving the energy of the soul a tangible element, true to each individual, to each city dweller. Piet personally writes on each of his Bollarts, in his own Stockmans-blue, giving all designs an individual character as if they were calligraphic diaries.